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Welcome to our school Career's Department microsite. Here you will find links to important careers information at whatever stage you or your child is at in education.

Please use this site to your advantage, open the links and use the information available to help make informed career decisions.

CEIAG @ St Patrick's College

Young people are entitled to an education which prepares them for life beyond their days in the classroom. Careers education is essential in this preparation. Evidence suggests that pupils are much more focussed if they can find the link between what they are asked to do in school and what they might do in their working lives or indeed visa versa. Once these links are made pupils tend to be more motivated in school provided they see their curriculum as useful.

St Patrick’s with its unique policy i.e. pupils from all levels of ability, creates a serious challenge for all departments – none more so than the Careers Department.  Through Careers Education, teachers are expected to prepare pupils leaving school at different levels and with different qualifications i.e. from Year 12 pupils leaving with a diverse range of academic and vocational qualifications to Year 14 pupils applying to University.


Informed Choices

The Russell Group of 20 leading UK universities has published its first ever guide to post-16 subject choices.

Informed Choices, produced in collaboration with the Institute of Career Guidance, is aimed at all students considering A-level and equivalent options. It includes advice on the best subject combinations for a wide range of university courses as well as advice on the best choices if you don’t know what you want to study after school and need to keep your options open.

Click on this link to open this very informative guide  - Informed Choices