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Look at future career options with your child

To make a successful career choice, it is crucial that you and your child are aware of current and future employment opportunities.

There are job opportunities across all occupations in Northern Ireland but there is higher demand in those relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

The following areas are extremely important to the Northern Ireland economy:

Growth areas in NI Employment Sector

Relevant Subjects

  • business and financial services (including accountancy, corporate recovery, financial analysts)

Business Studies, Economics, Maths, Accounts.

  • ICT (particularly software development skills, database development, systems architecture and internet specialist skills)

Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Technology, ICT, Business Communication Systems or Engineering.

  • agri food sector (including lab technicians, food scientists, biotech, machine operatives)

Chemistry, Biology, Home Economics, Geography,  Physics, Mathematics, Home Economics, PE, IT, Applied Science.

  • advanced manufacturing and engineering (CAD skills, CNC machine operatives, mechanical and electrical engineering skills including at technician level, strategic marketing)

Maths, Physics, Product Design, Construction. ICT.

  • renewable energies and recycling

Physic, Maths, Chemistry, Technology and Design or Engineering.

  • health and life sciences (biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, life applications technologies, nutriceuticals and biomedical devices)

Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Product Design.

  • creative and digital media

Moving Image Art, ICT, Art.

  • hotels and catering (to boost tourism)

Business Studies, Economics, Accounts, Geography, Travel and Tourism, Home Economics.

  • retail

Business Studies, Economics, Accounts; General Subjects.

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